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Baan Moom by Integrated Field

Baan Moom is located in Bangkok, Thailand, and was made by Integrated Discipline.

The home’s central characteristic is a set of stairs that winds upwards and onto the roof, in a mixture of glass, wood, and concrete.

Baan Moom by Integrated Field:

“This property for a family of 5 is located on Sukhumvit Rd., Soi 101/one, following to their old home the place they had been residing because long time ago. According to the scale of the site and owner’s love of nature, open room, and gardening give an preliminary notion for this home design. All functions are packed and stacked into 3-storeys to supply the most open area achievable on the ground degree. Practical usages are a single master bedroom with master bathroom for mother and father, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for sons, a residing/dining room, a functioning space, an open kitchen, a Thai kitchen and a lap pool.

The residence was positioned on the southwest part of the internet site. All bathrooms are on the west component on each floor of the home to defend all other functions from the sunlight in the course of daylight hours, and for the hygienic cause of the bathroom as nicely. With the bathroom on the west, every bedroom can encounter either north or east for the suitable quality of natural light, and left the court on the ground level in L-shaped.

2 main characters those most probably to be identified in this house are the ‘stairs hall’ and ‘corners’ on every floor.

This stairs hall consists of the triangular staircase, the triangular skylight on the rooftop and inner voids for every area. The skylight provides the natural light throughout stairs hall and even for the residing area on the very first floor, inner voids offers the ventilation for each room and also the visual connection for loved ones members, and of course, this stairs hall acts as the principal vertical circulation for this house.

” Corners for sharing and privacy “

An additional point talked about earlier is the ‘Corner’. This later grew to become a identify of this property, ‘บ้านมุม’ (มุม [Moom] indicates ‘Corner’ in English).

There’re 2 sorts of corners in this home, ‘individual’ and ‘shared’. Personal ones grew to become bedrooms these reflect the character of each and every family members member, and shared ones grew to become open spaces connected to stairs hall on every single floor for different household usage, such as residing area on the 1st floor that connect to the deck and lap pool outdoors, the multipurpose family area on the second floor and the terrace that leads to the rooftop of the residence.

Supplies to be described are steel frame, insulated glass and fishnet from the ocean liner.

Steel window/door frames are mainly used to create smaller sized profile and make door sets look the most disappeared, particularly for the set of sliding doors at the corner of the living space that can be slid all the way into walls on the the 2 side and give the continuity of area from living room to the open area outdoors. Insulated glass helps skylight not to let the heat into the home also a lot. Fishnet utilised in the ocean liner was picked to be utilized as a hammock in the double room amongst working room(2nd floor) and the bedroom (3rd floor).”

Photos by: Wison Tungthunya

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