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Atrium Property – Berlin By BFS Layout

Bungalows are usually so charming and enticing and the Atrium House by BFS Design and style rises even one particular phase over that. Initially a 1950s-era house created by Eduard Ludwig, (known also for his monument at Tempelhof airport), this modern day dream property has been restored into a little splendor.

Sitting on a quiet street in Tiergarten Park in the historic Hansaviertel quarter of Berlin, this modernist dwelling is a one particular-story courtyard house which, dare I say, evokes a timeless California-design really feel of the very same time period.

In spite of the more quaint dimension of the rooms, they deal with to movement with white floors and walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows wherever attainable. Elegant white sheers are pulled back towards the windows, permitting light to dance, nevertheless also contributing a breezy softness to the interiors. Mid-century furnishings are alluring in tones of grey, cream and medium woods, with ceramics and leaning ar2rk organized for informal stability. Sliding glass doors open unto the pebbled courtyard which is each bathed in sun and sprinkled with shade from a canopy of mature trees.

An fast eye-catching element is the substantial and varied utilization of decorative tiles. Commencing in the kitchen, a wall of sunny pale-yellow tiles are dimensional, resonating within this cozy room. Zero upper cabinetry is clever, making it possible for the room to be cost-free of any unnecessary mass. A bold red faucet–how could you not enjoy this?!–pops against the solid white slab of countertop and basin, while a table for 8 arranged with a mix of warmly-hued contemporary chairs adds even a lot more cheer.

The artistic tile work continues across the rest of this adobe. A floating black fireplace in the living space meshes with the dark-patterned tile wall behind it, which is contrasted only by a stack of wood in one particular corner. In the master bath, far more unexpected tiling in the kind of squares centered with depressed circles covers an entire wall–rather unexpected for such a discreet area but equally as spectacular.

The Atrium House, a vintage house, has been transformed into a little modern day dream house which radiates with light, energy and a fresh vibe.

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