All-natural Living by Satisfied Studio

By Magaly – Classes: Apartments, Art, Bedroom, Decorative Add-ons, Dining Area, Furniture, Hall and Entrance, Interior Layout, Kitchen, Landscaping, Lighting, Residing Room, Staircase, Terrace   

Normal Living is a private residence created by Content Studio.

It is found in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan and has a warm and sophisticated interior.

Normal Living by Pleased Studio:

“The apartment is found in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. Due to the privilege of huge French windows and terraces, the apartment is brightly lit with all-natural light and with a exceptional view towards Guandu Nature Park.

Therefore, the exterior landscape gets a single of the essential issues amongst layout techniques. By making curved flower beds with different heights, it provides a fantastic platform to expand different plants for diverse season exactly where quick bushes and tall trees are interweaved. Thus the landscape demonstrates the seasonal adjustments and supplies a all-natural environment even even though present within an urban constructing.

The interior design extends the idea of nature conceived for the exterior by choosing nature supplies and colors which echoes the outside aura. Thus the Television wall and bar are decorated with natural stone and wood. The parents’ bedroom floor is covered with tatami.

On the ninth floor, the floor entrance, book situations and bathroom door are concealed by wooden sliding doors which shapes the multipurpose space and audio-visual area much more independent or as an open public area.”

Images by: Kyle Yu Photo Studio

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