Albizia Property By Metropole Architects

Metropole Architects have developed the Albizia Residence in Simbithi Eco-Estate in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.



We were commissioned to design and style a contemporary family property on a one acre web site, situated at the finish of a spur, in Simbithi Eco-Estate. The client’s short called for a house with an overriding sense of simplicity but with a substantial degree of sophistication.

All the living regions and bedroom suites encounter onto a panoramic vista, which consists of a dense forest down-slope from the residence.

The palette of normal supplies like timber screens, decking and cladding, off-shutter concrete and stone cladding juxtapose with the aggressive architectural kind making, generating a residence that is not only visually and spatially interesting, but also cozy and intimate.

The in depth use of water in the layout of the home consists of a 25 metre lap pool with a glass panel among the water and the basement cinema area, and a shallow but expansive reflective pond on the method side, which mirrors the developing day and evening, and evokes a sense of tranquility.

The architectural style of the home is heavily influenced by the ‘Googie’ architecture of the American architect John Lautner. The origin of the title ‘Googie’ dates to 1949, when architect John Lautner made the West Hollywood coffee store, ‘Googies’, which had distinct architectural qualities.

‘Googie’ architecture is a form of modern day architecture and a subdivision of futurist architecture with stylistic conventions influenced by, and representing 50’s American society’s fascination and marketing emphasis on futuristic style, vehicle culture, jets, the Area Age, and the Atomic Age.

‘Googie’ was also characterized by design forms symbolic of movement, including upswept roofs, curvaceous geometric shapes, and the bold use of glass, steel and neon, the spirit of which is embodied in Albizia House.

Architect: Metropole Architects
Interiors: Union 3
Contractor: East Coast Construction
Photography: Grant Pitcher

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