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Afeka Residence – Tel Aviv By Axelrod Architects With Pitsou Kedem Architect

Afeka House by Axelrod Architects in partnership with Pitsou Kedem Architect is, basically place, a gallery of light. This awe-inspiring modern day dream home in Tel Aviv beams with refracted all-natural light within a series of linear volumes across its practically 3,800 square feet.

From the street perspective, the 2-story box-like structure sits discreetly. Once inside the single-family members house, one particular can see how nicely this facade deceived, as the pure white developing opens up with movement and spaciousness. So intriguing are the array of glazings, which magnificently blur the lines among the component of the residence which remains inside and what is shared with the outside.

It is the double-story living room that holds center stage. Minimalistically furnished and produced with a severely restrained color palette in mind–in fact, the entire house is–this rest and gathering area is abundantly airy with soaring ceilings that by some means infuse a calm into the substantial room.

A shared dining space and kitchen receives a reduced level ceiling, but that ceases to hinder any of that openness as the complete wall of completely retractable glass will take this zone 1 stage even more to the elongated, tree-lined swimming pool just outdoors along the wooden terrace. A mezzanine rests over the snow-white kitchen and black-and-white dining room location, gracefully showcasing an invisible glass railing which can be visually-penetrated from the primary residing region of this modern day dwelling.

I’m continuously smitten by staircases and this white-on-white cabled model is no exception. Nestled into a vertical slot, it ascends all ranges of the house. Large glass windows and a connecting rooftop skylight formed into a correct angle pour light into this sleek effectively. Just amazing! An upstairs indoor-outdoor hallway is a continuation of the stairs, which reaches close to and wraps the house via a 2nd-story privacy wall defending the sleeping locations.

Afeka Home is a contemporary dream property, portraying how an architect’s experience of adhering to simplicity, subdued elegance and modesty, really produces a layout masterpiece.

pictures © amit geron.

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