4 Courtyard Houses by Think Architecture

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4 Courtyard Houses is a residential undertaking completed by Feel Architecture.

It is situated in Zumikon, Switzerland.

4 Courtyard Houses by Believe Architecture:

“The 4 courthouses are positioned on a hilly plot on the prime of the settlement area of Zumikon/Switzerland. The typology of the courthouse is a reaction to the strict developing regulations of the neighborhood, which unable a concentration of the residing areas. With the chosen framework a higher level of top quality and privacy in the indoor and outside spaces could be accomplished. Alternatively of an individual sprawl of personal gardens a generous, common park landscape connects the ensemble with the natural surroundings of the neighboring forest.

The 4 houses are developed up in a modular way, identical in the basic conception but mirrored in the typical middle and reacting individually to the specific topographic circumstance. The stringent structure of the layout is reflected in the facades as nicely as the roof-landscape. Every single area has it’s personal baldachin with a skylight at the upmost position. The roofs react on the scale and relevance of the particular rooms and support to organize the distinct functions.

The roof-landscape is an architectural answer to the creating regulation regarding sloping roofs and provides the constructing-ensemble a distinctive identity. The surfaces of the facades are manufactured of decorative concrete with clear and dark components. The same materials of grey-cemented concrete extra with limestone was treaded and processed in a various way to fulfill the distinct perform and aesthetic.”

Floor Program
Floor Strategy
Floor Plan
Floor Strategy

Photographs by: Radek Brunecky

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