1220 by Alex Nogueira

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1220 is a private small residence developed by Alex Nogueira.

It is situated in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, and was finished in 2013.

1220 by Alex Nogueira:

“The search for simplicity, bowing to the canons of the past , the clear intention of utilizing architecture as a path of territory and kind of expression of “difference”… These are some of the demands that guided the program underneath (intentionally or not) , considerably as metallic construction is common for several years, are simply countable copies directed to peripheral housing current in this town (Campo Grande/MS, even subsequent a million folks, values the “conventionality”), the geometric and strongly orthogonal character, partly, maybe, of a controlling nature, fruit of modernism (nevertheless this is not a feature of the most admirable) or character (for much more than that is not a characteristic of the most admirable).

The highest bidder soil binds the plot much more generously on the bottom, in which a glass door which accounts for practically the complete rear facade, gives access to the deck, and continuous view of the backyard, the location exactly where heaven and a yellow sculpture manufactured with the leftovers of the metal construction (profiles ” I” Gerdau) dominate micro landscape (the certain universe). This large aperture for background contrasts sharply with the hermetic and closed front, each for privacy and solar protection, the place a cloth horizontal metal of brises addresses these and other issues.

The construction is obvious and mixed, the 2 concrete and metal profiles are part of the aesthetic proposal, both for its inherent visual physical appearance and explained either by the vain and balances achieved, a game that tries to be subtle and aim.

Integrator with a strong want to plant boils down modulated in a large setting that splits into 3 standard wants: live, feed and rest, as typically occurs, the furnishings perform a essential role in setting and “fragmentation” of these spaces. The bathroom is the only area isolated, and even hydraulic wall dividing the kitchen, their access is returned to the space. 45 square meters (484 square feet) reflect a proposed little private ambitions, number of lines, couple of resources, environments, and a small bit of personality.”

Floor Program

Images by: André Barbosa

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