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The contours of the word have been turned into a uniquely architectural dining area by atmos: Worldscape.

Worldscape is a exclusive dining knowledge that immerses 80 individuals in the geometry of the planet. Diners sit ‘inside the sea’ and eat off the coastline at sea level.


Ground level of the venue containing the installation represents 5 kilometers below sea level and Worldscape stretches to metres tall at its highest point– the proportionate height of the Himalayas – generating Worldscape the tallest table in the globe.

The surface of the digitally fabricated melamine-faced plywood is etched with patterns that signify the world’s cities. Light sources integrated into the table softly illuminate the dining landscape with the glow of the cities.


The table is created as 35 flat-packed modules of landscaped grids utilizing the very same Equidistant Cylindrical map of the world – the map preferred by NASA. The explanation this map was this map was chosen is because it easily mapped onto pixels.


The various modular units can be interlinked to generate a mass dining experience or separated to generate smaller tables. The grid nature of the ultimate piece implies that the world’s landscape can be rearranged producing a new imaginary landscape.


The task was very first conceived for Global Feast, a culinary exploration of the planet during the London Olympics 2012 and will be put in following in London at 25% Design and style as a portion of the London Layout Festival.

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