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We are viewing: Gompf + Kehrer


We like:  The DIN desk

The DIN desk is an ideal piece of furnishings for the fashionable workplace at property. DIN takes the type of shelving and a table. Separately, the shelving is decreased to a grid structure, and the table is an incomplete narrow surface with only 2 legs. Fitted collectively, the 2 factors mutually stabilize and the furnishings turns into comprehensive. DIN stands freely in space, accessible from all sides, it can combine and divide spaces.


We Like: The Hangover

The wardrobe ‘Hangover’ leans on the bedroom or residing room wall. The easy steel frame performs the task of a valet stand. Garments are simply hung in excess of the crossbars or placed on a hanger. Other models offered.


Who are the designers? Verena Stella Gompf and Cordula Kehrer


In which did they study?  Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe, which they graduated with degrees in merchandise design.

Their mission: ”To understand joint designs”.


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