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Watch: Desinere


Over: Common Vessels – A SingaPlural ‘Design greater than life’ installation at Parkmall Singapore.

We very advise the younger talented British educated brand Desinere founded in 2010, and primarily based in Singapore. Honesty is the very best policy for founder Melvin Ong as he leads experimentation with components on a range of merchandise. Each design is conceived by way of the quiet reflection of relationships amongst things, folks and experience enabling the creation of genuine, pure objects that are refreshingly unpredictable.


Desinere has forged new furniture that is almost comprehensive, deliberately leaving voids in structurally fundamental points. The viewer is invited to find modern ways to fill these gaps with objects that are supposedly past their prime and shedding their relevance.

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The Rok ornamental paperweight is a testament to their philosophy with the clean unexpected shape and would stylishly adorn any office.


Uncover out a lot more on Desinere and meet the brand at in the Uk at 25% Layout 2014.

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