Watch: Ben Anders & Laura Fulmine

image-1.cid Above: Osi Contemporary

We are watching: Ben Anders with Laura Fulmine

Necessary: A photographer, a stylist, items. The essentials for any shoot. Your collection may be noteworthy, though fail to existing it in the proper method, and all could be in vain. A company’s portrayal is pivotal to the good results of a launch and albeit the client might have creative input, it is fine-tuned by the stylist and the photographer on the day. Today we have brought collectively a dream interior duo, photographer Ben Anders with interior stylist Laura Fulmine. Both have an impressive back catalogue following over 10 many years in the business. To present you how it should be done, we have a linear outline of a area at Osi Modern and minimal with a twist at Ercol.


Over: Ercol

Why book them?: For a cutting edge trend driven package deal.

Back catalogue:

Ben: Dwell, Elle Decoration,  Guardian Weekend, Habitat, Times Magazine, Yoo Ltd. etc

Laura: Grand Styles, Elle Decoration, Another Magazine, OnOffice, Graham and Brown, Heal’s and so on.

Consider a appear, highly advised interior correct.

Selection : Creative editorial and commercial briefs.

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