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Vitra Expands Its Water Jewels Assortment

Despoke Blog VitrA Water Jewels copper rectangular with bowl 60cm £650

Over:  Vitra Water Jewels copper rectangular bowl.

At London Layout Festival many companies referred to their back catalogue and reintroduced effective goods. World-renowned bathroom manufacturer Vitra has carried out just that with the award-winning Water Jewels Assortment originally released in 2007, created by Matteo Thun

Despoke VitrA- Water Jewels rectangular 60 cm gold bowl £783 (4442B472_0018)[1]

Inspired by the trend for metallic finishes in interior design they provide a fresh interpretation of the selection with copper, platinum or gold choices. Committed to innovation, Vitra developed a new Bodily Vapor Deposition coating for its fine fire clay basins to develop the extremely tough glossy metallic finish utilised in this series.

VitrA- Water Jewels (0007616_2)[2]

The range has expanded from a single 40cm round bowl, to now contain a 40cm square, 60cm rectangular and 60cm rectangular with bowl basin. This new assortment is offered at

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