The 2014 London ‘Coffee Stops Map’ by Chris Ward


Site visitors and residents all around London want 2 maps. The London Underground Tube Map and The 2014 London ‘Coffee Stops Map.’ How many of you are not able to commence the day without having coffee? Ever found oneself wandering all around in London enroute to a display or studio in search of a good blend? If you have Chris Ward  ”The boss who works from coffee shops” (BBC), writer of the bestselling guide ‘Out of Office’ created a map so you know exactly where to go in unfamiliar surroundings. The best coffee retailers London has to offer at each and every tube cease attribute. This will be the reply to your prayers. The map is offered as a limited run of posters. 100% of all revenue will go to charity. This must be on the back of the Tube Map, do you agree?

A2 colour print — £10

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