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Retail / Property: Camper London by Tomás Alonso


Designer Tomás Alonso used a geometric 3d trompe l’oeil theme for the Camper store in London. The technique of utilizing practical imagery to develop an optical illusion of depth to flat walls is utilized to trick the eye. Clean white locations are broken with colour tiles depicting extrusions and actual shelves are extra to the equation.

The finer detail really caught our consideration, we really like the white tiled shelves coloured brightly beneath which would make a strong concept for a minimum kitchen or bathroom. 

Camper-store-in-London-by-Tomas-Alonso-4 Camper-store-in-London-by-Tomas-Alonso

We regularly seem at retail as inspiration for our residence and this shop did not fail to impress. Hope to attempt this thought quickly.

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