Purim Seudat Invitations

This year, Purim falls on a Sunday (March sixteen) so it truly is the ideal time to invite visitors over for a Purim Seudat (festive meal). Did you know eating a festive meal on Purim is a single of the 4 specifications for this holiday?

Here are the other 3:
1. Hear the megillah studying
2. Give tzedakah (charity)
3. Give shalach manot (meals presents)

Of program I could just call buddies and invite them above but these invitations, shaped and folded like a Hamantaschen cookie are too cute to not send out!

So straightforward to make…use a modest plate to trace a circle on some tan colored card stock. (The tan color looks like cookie dough.)

After cutting out the circle, fold it to form a triangle, just like you would fold Hamantashen cookie dough.

Print your invite on colored paper, reduce into a triangle and glue into the center.

Purim is a single of my favorite holidays–costumes, food presents, parties and noisemakers!

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