Pentagram animation for Wired

Wired Magazine Problem 21-12 from Pentagram

Bill Gates the editor. An fascinating believed indeed. What a treat for readers to discover the thought came to fruition. For a constrained time period he took up the publish for the December situation of Wired. Plausible though even far more surprising to hear he hosted a dialogue with former President Bill Clinton about the energy of engineering to transform the planet.

Inspired by such a meteoric pairing, Eddie Opara and his team at Pentagram produced an illustration depicting December’s issue, No. 21.12, by rendering the quantity in its binary configuration of 1s and 0s. The designers desired to represent the amount in a way that was not overtly digital, so it seems in the analog type of wooden pegs in round holes. (The illustration was produced digitally). The animated model of the design and style over characteristics 3-dimensional pegs advance and recede to form the number.


The magazine illustration.

Screen-Shot-2013-11-27-at-11.36.53-AM Screen-Shot-2013-11-27-at-11.51.10-AM Screen-Shot-2013-11-27-at-11.50.50-AM Screen-Shot-2013-11-27-at-11.37.19-AM Screen-Shot-2013-11-27-at-11.50.36-AM Screen-Shot-2013-11-27-at-11.35.06-AM Print

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