Painting Ceramics

In the frenzy just before my guests arrived for our Chanukah get together I attempted getting a couple of issues accomplished all around the home. I really necessary much more tables in the residing area for people to put down a drink or a modest plate and I identified an previous ceramic stool in our basement that was the ideal size.
But, the original brown colour just wasn’;t operating in my gray and taupe residing space.

It looked just fine when it was used on the sun porch in our final property.

So, what is the solution when you require a fast (and inexpensive) shade alter? Paint, of program. Here’;s anything you could not know: you can paint ceramics! I’;ve painted lamp bases, vases and much more…it truly is straightforward if you use the proper paint and primer. This was a rapid project which was great because I did not have a lot time with all the other holiday preparations.

The very first step was primer. Be sure you use the BIN primer which is shellac based–excellent for shiny surfaces like this a single.

I did clean it really properly with some rubbing alcohol remembering to get within the holes the place dust collects.

Spray and allow dry for an hour or so.

Spray several light coats of the new shade until finally surface is fully covered.

That is it!

The gold looks wonderful with all the grays in the residing space and I come to feel like I have a new piece of furniture for the price of 2 cans of spray paint!

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