Outdoors the Box Hamantaschen

If you happen to be like me you’;ve manufactured your share of the classic Hamantaschen cookie filled with every little thing from poppy seed, prune and chocolate fillings. Nothing wrong with those, but check out out what is happening to Hamantaschen nowadays: anything at all from sweet and sour, salty, rainbow colored dough and more! Here’;s what I indicate…

one. Do you adore S’;more’;s but it is not grilling season? Try out marshmallows and chocolate in your Hamantaschen.

2. Well-known 4th Street delicatessen in Philly adds the poppy seeds proper on the cookie dough as nicely as in the filling. Cakespy

3. Israeli bakeries are offering the classic Purim cookie a personality makeover, introducing flaky crusts and savory new fillings, like goat cheese and pesto. Haaretz

4. Not only are these filled with a wealthy chocolate ganache in the center, but chopped chocolate is additional to the dough. Martha Stewart

5. Try out savory as an alternative of sweet: caramelized onions, tomato, basil and goat cheese make these the perfect appetizer to serve this vacation. Kosher in the Kitch

6. These Dark Chocolate Ganache with Salted Caramel Drizzle sound awesome! My Jewish Finding out

6. The kids will love these Hamantaschen pops. Overtime Cook

7 Nope, they are not cookies–these are Savory Meat Pies shaped like a Hamantaschen. Overtime Cook

9. How cute are these rainbow Hamantaschen? Kitchen Tested

8. Genius! Form your sushi in a triangle. Active in Brooklyn
I know I am inspired. How will you make Hamantaschen this 12 months?

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