New Hans J. Wegner Chair by Carl Hansen & Son


In honour of the 100th anniversary of Hans J. Wegner’s birth, Carl Hansen & Son released Wegner’s CH88 chair, a style prototype unveiled in 1955 at the worldwide H55 Exhibition in Helsingborg. One of Wegner’s handful of types combining wood and steel, the CH88 is a versatile chair updated for today’s wants.


Even though primarily known and applauded for his creations with wood, Hans J. Wegner always explored other supplies as evident with the CH88, originally a prototype for a chair featuring aspects of steel. Carl Hansen & Son is creating the CH88 now for the initial time.

“The CH88 epitomizes Wegner’s characteristic perform with materials – a surprising blend of wood and steel. Wegner was an unsurpassed master when it came to exploring the applications and compatibility of different materials. It is exactly the fusion of natural wood and industrial steel that produces a versatile chair suited to a range of various variations and settings,” says Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son

He continues: “We continually strive to recreate Wegner’s design in accordance with his authentic drawings, but it goes with no saying that a chair made virtually 60 years in the past have to be updated to fulfill present day wants. The height of the seat, armrests and backrest have all been raised slightly for the easy purpose that individuals are taller now. The form of the seat has also been modified somewhat so that the chair can be stacked. All in all, the CH88 is a chair that superbly illustrates Wegner’s commitment to understanding the likely of supplies and his search for perfection in minimalist design.”

As with all his chairs, Wegner was intent on making the best distance between the seat and backrest with the aim of obtaining optimum back help. In Wegner’s eyes, comfort was an inherent function of any great chair.

The CH88 is versatile both in terms of its physical appearance and usability thanks to its many finish, frame, and room placement options. Characteristically, the upper framework attributes a steam-bent wooden backrest for back help, with slight curvatures of the backrest’s ends offering a organic resting location for the arms. The steel frame, with straight back legs, supports an oval-shaped wooden seat. This mix of materials, mixed with a minimalist design and style, benefits in a light, natural, industrial expression. And the new, stackable layout gives a beneficial benefit making it possible for up to 4 CH88 chairs to be stacked. The CH88’s overall flexibility, coupled with its a lot of variants, makes the chair equally properly-suited to several environments – from the living area to the hotel restaurant or corporate canteen.

Obtainable in beech and oak in a selection of finishes. The frame is obtainable in stainless steel, black powder coating and chrome, and the seat with optional leather or textile upholstery.

The CH88 will be in shops from Could 2014. Advisable prices from £258 excl. VAT.

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