Nendo & Walt Disney


Items are coming along thick and quick from Nendo HQ. Freshly off the manufacturing line nowadays is the Pooh-Table for Walt Disney, Japan. Based on Winnie the Pooh and his friends the collection depicts stories’ setting in the Hundred Acre Wood.


The collection made employs organic-feel maple extensively, and come in sizes and silhouettes intended to recall the stories’ characters.


Coloured knit cladding on various parts of the tables subtly signifies every single character by means of their distinctive clothing, hair and tails, and suggests that the tables are like stuffed animals, too.

pooh-table11_copyright_Disney pooh-table09_copyright_Disney pooh-table21_copyright_Disney pooh-table19_copyright_Disney pooh-table20_copyright_Disney pooh-table23_copyright_Disney pooh-table17_copyright_Disney pooh-table16_copyright_Disney pooh-table15_copyright_Disney pooh-table18_copyright_Disney pooh-table12_copyright_Disney pooh-table14_copyright_Disney pooh-table13_copyright_Disney pooh-table08_copyright_Disney pooh-table05_copyright_Disney pooh-table04_copyright_Disney pooh-table02_copyright_Disney pooh-table03_copyright_Disney

Are you ready to decipher the characters? Have a go.

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