Milan News: Pucci at Bisazza

Pattern Onde_Furniture Fair 2014

Over: Onde

Bisazza present a assortment of designs influenced by the Pucci back catalogue in Milan. Oversized mosaics function 3 blown up prints signed by Emilio Pucci. The floral geometric mix captures the spirit of the 60′s and reaffirms the appeal of the iconic patterns. Based mostly on the types for a scarf published in 1969, the Onde pattern (above) symbolizes the fluid movement of the sea, presented in delightfully unexpected warm shades of brown, beige, white and black.

Pattern Amelie_Furniture Fair 2014

Over: Amelie 

Amelie is one more geometric floral pattern in shades of aquamarine on a black and white background, generating a extremely modern graphic impact. The print, which opens up across 6 panels, communicates a sense of movement and harmonious continuity.

Pattern Alba_Furniture Fair 2014

Over: Alba

Alba is a floral print conveyed in rich, daring colours that, cleverly juxtaposed, make this a surprising and sophisticated interior design and style resolution for the residing room.

Bisazza’s interpretation of our prints underscores their elegance and energy, thanks to the fine top quality and focus to detail of Italian-produced merchandise.” Laudomia Pucci

For much more data pay a visit to: Pucci and Bisazza

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