Milan News: Maison Pierre Marcolini – Wallpaper* Handmade

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With Easter about the corner, the season for above indulging on chocolate, it is apt to be discussing the delicacy these days. Belgian Haute Chocolaterie, Maison Pierre Marcolini’s, PATTERNITY (Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham) and bespoke furnishings maker Toby Winteringham collaborated to create The Framework of Chocolate for Wallpaper*’s 2014 Handmade Situation exhibition in Milan.

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The theme of a single chocolate molecule ensured this would not be a run of the mill interpretation, each and every different component of this centerpiece, designed by PATTERNITY, and handmade by bespoke furnishings designer Toby Winteringham is made of patterns and shapes in modular marquetry varieties, inlaid with customized manufactured Maison Pierre Marcolini chocolates. The consequence is spectacular the clusters of geometric shapes appear wooden, redefine the use of chocolate and are also good to consume. / / / Maison Pierre Marcolini

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