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Dungeness is getting to be something of a showcase for contemporary architecture and style. Designers Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire from Mini Moderns, the London based interiors brand, threw caution to the wind and sea, fairly actually,  converting 1 of the many Victorian railway carriages dragged on to the shingle a century ago. The carriages are protected, but the designers needed to start from scratch. Frankly, they stated “we neither had the spending budget nor the stomach for a full rebuild.” Despite aesthetics, the creating was basically sound so they set about reconfiguring the layout by swapping round the rooms’ usages to create a a lot more open, brilliant truly feel.


Over: Keith and Mark

“We have been visiting Dungeness, on the South Kent coastline, for nearly 20 many years and have often loved the landscape, the environment and big skies. The designers informed Despoke. “We had been surprised to find out a house for sale on the Dungeness estate – because the dwellings are so unusual that they are usually snapped up as quickly as they come up for sale.”


Over: the calming bedroom featuring their signature Whitby print with conventional copper lighting and detail.


Over: Midcentury furniture awash with geometric pattern.

Detail: white walls, grey painted floor, geometric, nautical imagery, denim.


Over: Udden kitchen from Ikea coordinated with mid century trappings.

Detail: coloured leads, tongue in groove, deep floating shelf, Portmeirion ceramics,Woods and Sons ware.

“The kitchen we chose was an off the shelf Ikea model, which our clever carpenter/builder customised to make it fit the space. Because the entire house is wood-clad, we didn’t want to introduce any a lot more wooden surfaces, so we went with utility stainless steel, which is reminiscent of a fishmonger’s planning location.”


Above: Minimum dining region positioned below the skylight.

Detail: Industrial, distressed floor, hanging lamps.

Throughout the exploration of the unique carriage the designers uncovered an amazing patchwork of wooden planks spanning numerous decades. From the start they wanted to make function of the carriage floor, so this was varnished to carry up the a variety of timbers and colours. In contrast walls had been painted white to bounce as much light around as achievable and to harmonise all the distinct sorts of wood, from tongue in groove, to authentic plank carriage walls. All floors except the carriage floor had been painted in a mid-grey floor paint, yet again, to develop a neutral, balanced truly feel.


Above: the classy lines of the furnishings flawlessly stability inside the elongated space.

Detail: log fire, Mini Moderns cushions, wall of windows.

On completion of the blank canvas of white and grey it was time to add pattern, in essence Mini Modernizing the space. The concept of the beach residence is that as nicely as acting as a retreat from London existence, the house would also serve as a showcase for new collections. Some walls in every space have been left as flat walls that can easily be painted in the range of Mini Moderns Environmentally Responsible Paint, or wallpapered in new types. The introduction of some British mid-century teak furniture – a Man Rogers sofa and chairs in the living room, and a G-Program headboard and side tables adds warmth in contrast to the white walls.


Above: The see


Above:  strategically positioned vintage equipment add concentrate in the residing space

mini-moderns-kent25350-shot-28-2 copy

Above: It they have to perform at the seaside, it need to be completed in type with the addition of a  small String Shelf desk .

mini-moderns-kent25342-shot-26 copy

Over: The boys area.

Classic Professional Ven Di wall hung soap, butler sink, freestanding unit.

Generating the constructing they visualised on the first day as they walked close to the carriage involved a complete interior renovation. The outcome is a text book example of a perfect bolt hole away from the tension of city daily life. The unloved place had seen better days. But 2 items confirmed they had to acquire the building: Firstly, the house, a converted Victorian Railway Guards van, is an original construction, one of several placed there in early 1920′s when the line ceased to run. Secondly, the area. The carriage is situated between the 2 lighthouses, with a sea facing aspect and uninterrupted views in direction of the English channel, and from the rooftop, a see of France. Could you wish for more than that?

Mini Moderns

Photography: Andrew Boyd 

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