Kirath Ghundoo

Wallpaper wasn’t so stylish, then it was…..then paint was huge but only with grey undertones…..then Victoriana wallpaper with a massive emphasis on William Morris and flowers arrived…..and then, thank God, manufacturers like All the Fruits and Kirath Ghundoo lastly came to the fore.

kirath ghundoo, wallpaper

JAZZ TARTAN – KG Fundamentals 2016

Here are just a couple of shots from Ghundoo’s 2016 variety. The pastel colours work and the dramatic geometric shapes, make for a paper that could operate in nearly any atmosphere.

kirath ghundoo, wallpaper

MOUNTAIN BLUE – KG Fundamentals 2016

The shade of this blue and the straightforward repeated pattern make the above a tranquil offering that would operate properly in a house workplace area. The assortment also comes in green.

kirath ghundoo, wallpaper

THE HAMPTON – KG Essentials 2016

Named Hampton for a clear cause, any person who requires this wallpaper on, wants to be very sure of their interior design- and that there is not a background of migraines in the family. We adore it at Despoke, but could only use this if we had a extremely huge area dedicated to sailing. And we really don’;t.

kirath ghundoo, wallpaper

SPARKLE – KG Basics 2016

We can only assume this one is named Sparkle because it truly does. All of these retail at £95 for a 10m function which is just brilliantly inexpensive- they only need to be employed on one particular attribute wall.

kirath ghundoo, wallpaper

Tropic – Mix ‘n’ Match 15 Collection

Even even though this is one particular season old- it is probably our favourite Ghundoo design and style. Completely mismatched which means you could place it up yourself and not fear about matching patterns, we keep in mind seeing this at 100% style a handful of many years in the past and feeling immediately lifted. if it is very good enough for Susie Bubble…..

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