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Ken Value Sculpture: A Retrospective


Over: Untitled Cup (Geometric Cube Cup and Object), 1974. © Ken Value, photo © Fredrik Nilsen

The Metropolitan Museum of Ar2rk is at the moment showing Ken Cost Sculpture: A Retrospective. Price tag was a single of the major figures in modern sculpture up to his death in February 2012. 


Over: Massive Load, 1988. © Ken Value, photo © Fredrik Nilsen

The very first major retrospective of the artist’s perform hosted in New York features in excess of 62 sculptures dating from 1959 to 2012. Cost was acknowledged for his groundbreaking technique to sculpture and in certain his way of functioning with clay to push it beyond classic boundaries.


Above: 1914, 1983. © Ken Price, photo © Fredrik Nilsen

Price’s near good friend and world-renowned architect, Frank O. Gehry made the set up in the metropolitan museum, which highlights the late artist’s place in the wider narrative of contemporary sculpture.

Ken Cost Sculpture: A Retrospective, June 18–September 22, 2013 at the Metropolitan Museum of Ar2rk, New York

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