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How to Make an Upholstered Headboard

Our guest space was looking a bit bare. The mattress was sitting on a great sleek wood frame but it was really crying out for a headboard. This undertaking took me a couple of evenings to complete but it really is accomplished and seems fantastic and the very best part is the total factor value much less than $ 30 dollars!

The very first issue I did was tape the wall with blue painters tape to get a very good notion of the size I needed the headboard to be. When I was content with the size, I took my measurements to Lowe’;s and had them reduce a sheet of pressed board (so it does not warp.) This bed frame had a ledge that the headboard could sit on, otherwise I’;d have it come down to the floor.

Subsequent I bought a foam bed pad from Walmart (much less expensive than purchasing foam) and some batting employed for making quilts.

At this point I had to choose the place the tufted buttons would be–I drilled 4 holes in the board for the buttons. Cutting the foam is easy when you use a bread knife!

First the foam was stapled into place followed by the batting and then the material.

These button covers are so easy to use and make your buttons look so specialist!

The key is utilizing really lengthy needles to poke through the holes in the board and layers of foam and batting. The back of the button is tied with some wire wrapped all around the thread.

The fabric is really men’;s suiting fabric I discovered on sale at Joanne’;s…

You may possibly want to know how I attached it to the wall. Here’;s the truth…it’;s not attached nevertheless. Our walls are plaster and genuinely challenging to hang something on. Since I never want the headboard crashing down on any individual (!) I am waiting for our handyman to come by and do it.

The checked duvet cover is from Muji 1 of my preferred retailers in New York. I am truly pleased with the benefits.

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