Hello Sunshine: Shalach Manos Baskets

It’;s been a rough winter right here in Connecticut and I am certain our friends and family could use a bit of sunshine! This 12 months my theme for our Shalach Manos baskets is all things lemon.

I produced the sunshine present tags on PicMonkey and tied the whole thing up with a yellow and white striped ribbon.

Here’;s what’;s within every basket…

I had so much entertaining looking for “lemon” objects to use for our baskets!

Considering that several of our recipients are quite rigid with their kosher observance, I include a guidebook explaining the kosher certification of things I could have unwrapped like the jelly beans and cookies.

I started out a tradition a number of many years in the past. I give every single grandchild their personal Shalach Manos present—I employed to get away with only 2 but this 12 months Zelda is nearly 2 many years old so I required to place together 3 because she Must have the same thing as her older brother and sister! The yellow boxes are Chinese meals “get out” containers from Michael’;s filled with unique candy and small toys and wrapped with the same yellow striped ribbon.

I really like creating these so much I in fact have my theme picked for up coming year’;s Purim!

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