Handpicked Pin No.7: ‘Study’ by Jörg Schellmann


Every single week we will function a historical or recent pin from any discipline pin that has stopped us in our tracks. This week we are enamoured by the ‘Study’ from designer Jörg Schellmann. Area and furnishings merge at the identical time. He aimed to layout, ‘a straightforward study, a personal retreat with the major equipment for functioning inside reach. A cell that sets itself apart from its surroundings and serves to home the particular person and their thought.” Despite the fact that the piece launched in 2008, it has withstood the check of time and could not be more pertinent nowadays, especially with the simmering trend for ‘united’ furniture. Why acquire 3 pieces when they can be one?

6 Research, Schellmann Furniture, Munich, Through December 20, 2013, www.schellmannfurniture.com

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By way of: Jörg Schellmann

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