Guide: In the City by Nigel Peake

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Are you a fan of all items geometric, in any context? If you answered yes, the book In the City by Irish Illustrator Nigel Peake will appeal. Following on from the success of his final book In The Wilds, his considerably-loved illustrated ode to rural life: Peake swaps the bucolic Irish countryside exactly where he grew up for the bustling sidewalks of the city. This collection of new drawings and paintings by Nigel Peake explores what can make a city. A multitude of urban landscapes drawn from his travels to places such as London, New York and Shanghai are visualised in Nigel’s signature fashion. Close ups of buildings are precisely depicted to form all over patterns. Peake afforded time to document things that are noticed, heard, experienced and remembered, such as grids, surfaces, locations, and so forth., they fill the pages. All compiled as he wandered the streets with no a map, or sat in a cafe while waiting for a train. Fortunate guy. Great guide. 

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Available on Amazon for £9.65

Published by Princeton Architectural Press

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