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Funky Furniture By Bruehl – Coupole And Morning Dew

funky-furniture-bruehl-3.jpg This new funky furniture by German business Bruehl is inspired by all-natural kinds with an ultra-modern edge. Featuring the ups and downs of mountaintops with an abstract twist, the Coupole sofa and armchair (pictured over) by designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl feature a curved back and armrests and a delicate body clad in fabric that’s heaven to the touch, obtainable in white and sky blue. The Morning Dew chairs (pictured beneath), also by designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl, are inspired by tulips, with their graceful petals forming the back and arm rests. A soft seat in an irregular shape beckons. This modern day flower-inspired chair is featured in vibrant rose and white upholstery, as properly as red-and-white plaid. Mix the Coupole and Morning Dew lines for a fun living area or a funky family members space. Visit Bruehl for specifics.
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