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Francois Dumas with Nouvelle Vague Volume II


Above: Eva Lights, Francois Dumas

Attending the maiden voyage of Downtown Design the international style trade honest starting in Dubai on October 29th is Nouvelle Vague Volume II a pick group of emerging French designers causing a stir on the layout scene. Fresh from their good results in Europe the group is back on tour in 2013 with 5 young designers every single with fresh point of view to share.


Francois Dumas caught our eye with the unusual choice of materials and fashion. EVA foam is used to produce the graphic patterned lamps reminiscent of vintage sportswear.

big_Eva_20light_20group_2002 big_Eva_20light_2004

The curator Cédric Morisset and Institut Français Downtown Design, current layout stars Pauline Deltour, Guillaume Delvigne, François Dumas, Khalid Shafar, Victoria Wilmotte and Dan Yeffet.

For far more data pay a visit to www.downtowndesign.com

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