Editor’s Pick: String Shelving


At this time of the 12 months I nest, feel me when I say it is not something to do with pregnancy. It is the anticipation of the multitude of family, plus friends descending on the property that sends me into overdrive. My wares gathered more than the last thirty many years are dusted and presented strategically for the festive season. Following the labour intensive weekend I caught myself considering about the string® shelving technique, firmly established as an iconic piece of Scandinavian layout since 1949. I wonder what occurred to my mom in laws set. Who has it? Absolutely whoever houses the fine piece would not value it as significantly as me? Considerably to my dismay it does not reside in my property. So, I will wait for the party to drop a number of hints. Meanwhile I look longingly at the photos visualising how they would seem in my parlour. Our family heirloom is black. I am quite partial to these fine specimens.

string_system_white_folding_table_1 43String_iso

Information: www.string.se

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