Editor’s Pick: Droog & Dtile


Merci Lookbook featuring Dtile

No matter how interesting it is to uncover new creations I have a back catalogue of  designs and references that will, for me, stand the test of time. In the style of Grand design’s I am taking a going back in time to the authentic launch in 2001, to appear at the Droog Tile Kitchen and Dtile. Kitchen’s have come and gone. This is the one I keep in mind and covet.


The unique ‘ Tile Kitchen’ by Droog designers Arnout Visser, Eril Jan Kwakkel & Peter van der Jagt in 2001, tiles by Dtile.

This kitchen brings back into view almost everything that one particular typically hides away these days. It as a result contrasts a good deal with the typical modern-design kitchen which, in its radical abstraction, has even completed away with cupboard handles. Herb pots, racks for kitchen utensils, a cook-guide help, a drainer, even a mortar – all are element and parcel of the tile perform, bringing the kitchen back down to earth.


13 years on: Customise a space to your heart’s material.

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Today: 13 many years on Merci, the 1st French design shop ever to eclipse Collette use the tiles in their Lookbook.

www.droog.com  &  www.dtile.nl

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