Dungeness Wallpaper by Mini Moderns

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Innovative folk from Eric Ravilious to Derek Jarman, have flocked to Dungeness inspired by the fascinating landscape and obscure structures that populate the beach. The area has appeared in numerous movies, music videos, tv dramas and now on a wallpaper by Mini Moderns who spent the final year renovating a converted railway carriage on Dungeness Seaside.

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The wallpaper functions a mass of shingle, punctuated by illustrated vignettes of quaint cabins, abandoned fishing boats and ramshackle huts. Anchoring the print are the 2 lighthouses that flank the Mini Moderns seashore home.

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The design duo explain:

“We wanted to capture the magical environment – the structures and points of interest that anybody exploring the surrounding area will discover. Our aim was to evoke the experience of currently being on Dungeness seashore. The landscape is in consistent flux – structures are decaying and getting to be obsolete, whilst other individuals are being renovated or saved from decay at the hands of the intense aspects. We desired to capture a second in time – the period of time that we observed the seashore.”

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The landscape and the surrounding countryside has now turn out to be the inspiration for the Mini Moderns 2014 collection, entitled ‘Hinterland’, of which ‘Dungeness’ is the launch print.

Dungeness is exclusive to minimoderns.com and available in 5 colour approaches at £50 per roll

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