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Destination Modernism

Over: Palm Springs

Destination Modernism is the new ground breaking travel site from Modern Shows’ in association with Spanish Brand Camper.

If you are the sort of individual, who will travel far and wide to visit an amazing piece of Modernist architecture as an alternative of sitting in the sun this website will command your interest.

Palm Spring Interiors

Above: Palm Springs

“We knew it was going to be very good but never ever in our wildest mid-century modern day loving dreams did we expect Palm Springs to be this kind of a Mecca for vintage loveliness,” they mentioned.


Above: Chandigarh Secretariat / Le Corbusier, Photography by Matthew Loukes

One of the passionate contributors on the web site crime novelist and Midcentury Modern present normal Matthew Loukes visited Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh, the gorgeous concrete modernist city that has been raped and pillaged for the classic furnishings


Over: Chandigarh Secretariat / Le Corbusier, Photography by Matthew Loukes

Alongside featuring Brutalist, Buahaus, Modernist and Submit Modernist locations there are suggestions on places to remain, eat and check out and a historical past of spots snatched from greedy developers by dedicated lobbyists.

To see more travel inspiration before reserving up coming year’s holiday visit Destination Modernism.

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