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Contemporary Moss

I adore moss. No, not the variety that will take more than the lawn in which there is supposed to be grass. I mean the beautiful sort–like in a forest that covers the ground.

Since I will not dwell in a forest I made the decision to carry a bit of it into our residence in a quite modern day graphic way. This combines my really like of spheres (I blogged about it a couple of years ago right here) with my love of moss.

I presently had the ceramic bowl so the whole undertaking price significantly less than 8 bucks. Here’;s how:

one. Uncover a great bowl–I used a hand thrown pottery bowl I previously owned.

2. Cut a child’;s ball in half and stuffed it with plastic bags.

3. Spot it ball side up in the bowl.

4. Use a glue gun and packaged moss from the craft shop.

5. Hold gluing the moss onto the bowl covering any regions in which the colored ball shows via.

6. You happen to be done!

No one particular will know it really is not from a fancy schmancy property store!

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