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Classy Connection Of Two Apartments In A Clerkenwell Warehouse


2 apartments in a historic warehouse constructing in Clerkenwell have been linked by Coffey Architects to type one massive versatile apartment.

The apartments were a single above the other but have been joined vertically and horizontally via a complete reconfiguration of the spaces.


A central storage wall ties the apartments together along the whole length of one wall.

A big slot reduce into the floor of what was the upper apartment creates a visual hyperlink among the 2 floors and provides light to the reduced corridor, in which the bedrooms and private living locations are contained.


The new single residence has been divided into major and secondary living places, with north-west light permeating the living spaces and the bathrooms and circulation spaces are positioned to the rear.


All-natural basalt has been used during the residence as a floor finish and the bathroom walls are lines with basalt tiles to tie to match.


Exactly where attainable the red brick walls have been retained and contrasting smooth white walls in the new factors creates a juxtaposition highlighting the old and new traits of the developing.

Coffey Architects won the Youthful Architect of the Year 2012 and 2 of its earlier projects will be opening in the course of Open Property 2013

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