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Chanukah Terrariums

Sometimes, the Chanukah decorations identified in retailers can be less than desirable, so producing your own can be the remedy to beautiful, inventive decor.

Last year I located small brass menorah place card holders on sale at Pottery Barn. (These are no longer obtainable but I located these mini doll home menorahs). I put one particular in a little glass urn to develop these little terrariums excellent for Chanukah! You can find these sort of glass containers at Marshall’;s and Michael’;s.

Every container holds a symbol for Chanukah: a mini menorah, chocolate gelt coins and gold dreydels.

Here is how it really is put together…

From top left: The place card holder, “snow” from the craft keep, battery operated votive, the “candles” are nails turned upside down and glued onto the menorah!

Simply because it is so early this year Chanukah is far more autumn-like than winter-like but these terrariums make it come to feel like a white Chanukah!

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