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Bubble Glasses

When my new kitchen was finished a couple of months in the past, I purchased new glasses for the “meat” side in our kosher kitchen. I desired the glasses to be a color so they would be very easily recognizable from our “dairy” glasses which are clear glass. Sadly, the Ikea Brukbar glasses I purchased have been beautiful but too thin–soon after breaking a number of in the dishwasher I determined they just weren’;t working for us.
The glasses in the photograph above are the new ones I just ordered on the web from Wisteria. I really like the seem of the seeded glass–it is like bubbles in the glassware! By some means they look previous but modern day at the identical time and considering that these seem to be significantly thicker than the Ikea glasses they need to be ready to pop correct into the dishwasher without having breakage.

This is the Ikea Brukbar glass–it nevertheless has the bubbles and colour I enjoy but didn’;t stand up to daily use for us.
Despite the fact that these are not as low-cost as the Ikea ($1.49 each) they are even now reasonably priced (4 for $22.00) and ought to last a whole lot longer!

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