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Black Painted Doors

Back in April I wrote a post about updating the doors in our new residence. Above the summer I was hoping to replace all the door knobs and paint all the interior doors black. Nicely, right here it is virtually September and that nevertheless hasn’;t happened. There is still too a lot to do and I am just not ready to change all the door knobs quite yet–but yesterday I did paint 2 yellow doors in the den that had been driving me crazy.

Was it scary painting doors black? Oh yeah. All our other houses had white doors, but given that these have been flat and boring, I imagined the black paint would make them appear a lot richer and chicer. I consider it does.

Here is how they looked painted yellow by the earlier residence owner…I painted the walls Benjamin Moore’;s Chelsea Gray in January but these darn doors have been staring at me all spring and summertime.

Ideally, all the hardware ought to initial be eliminated, then painted, and then put in with the new hinges and door levers. But this was a spur of the minute issue–I just needed to get rid of that negative yellow.
We’;ll be changing that outdated door knob so it was okay if I got some black paint on it.

We did set up one particular new door lever for the powder room–I enjoy how it looks so present day against the semi gloss black paint…
It’;s much enhanced but I am not sure if they’;ll stay black or get painted the identical gray as the trim color…what do you feel?

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