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Style company Front turned the shower planet upside down and shook it all around when they built the exemplary WaterDream Shower using traditional piping with modern day designer attachments.  Instead of sending the pipes to the background as per usual in bathroom style, they are brought to the forefront, and composed in a spectacular vogue.  Unsurprisingly the style has scooped awards left, right and centre.


Flawlessly balanced set up.


Industrial fittings.

ax_waterdream-front-installation-detail_463x463 ax_waterdream-front-installation_1_463x463 Axor / Kuhnle und Knoedler

The new Axor ShowerProducts made by Front let the business to experience water pathways in their most authentic form. “With our merchandise we want to draw consideration to the hidden aesthetics of technological innovation in a specifically stylish way, turning pipes, joints, valves and funnels into a charming style object,” explained designer Charlotte von der Lancken.In this way, a basic funnel turns into a properly-proportioned showerhead, for instance.

“Front present us how traditionally purpose-distinct elements of a shower can be transformed into a visually appealing style object,” added Philippe Grohe.

A complete of 5 Axor goods for the shower zone bear the signature of Front: a hand shower, a shower set consisting of a hand shower, a wall bar and a shower hose, an overhead shower as a ceiling- or wall-mounted edition with 2 different spray types, and a shower pipe consisting of a thermostat, a height-adjustable overhead shower and a hand shower.

Axor / Uli Maier Axor / Uli Maier Axor / Uli Maier Axor / Uli Maier

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