Art: New Order II: British Artwork Nowadays at the Saatchi Gallery


New Order II: British Art These days opens this week at the Saatchi Gallery, the second installment in the Gallery’s new programme of exhibitions focused to emergent British modern art.

The programme of exhibitions continues the Saatchi Gallery’s 25-year-long help of emerging artists and its drive to make modern ar2rk as widely available as attainable.  Again this year is no exception, as an whole floor has been devoted to exhibiting artists in the early stages of their careers, enabling young artists to have their operate displayed in a museum atmosphere.

The 13 artists featured offer a fascinating insight into art getting produced in the United kingdom right now. From sculpture and painting, to installation and video, this variety of artists employ a hybrid of conventional and modern methods and resources, which renew existing visual languages.

Abstraction returns in the shape of interior décor in George Little’s paintings, with satirical intent in Dan Rees’ plasticine covered panels, or revived in unconventional and contrasting supplies in Dominic Beattie’s pieces. Virgile Ittah’s wax figures droop as they succumb to Virgile Ittah, With regards to The Discomfort Of The Other, 2013 gravity Finbar Ward’s paintings are stacked on the floor like minimalist sculptures and the sensory and sonic are embodied in Hannah Perry’s immersive installation.

Really don’;t miss your likelihood to discover some of the most interesting artists operating in the Uk.

24 January – 23 March 2014

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