An Easy Afikomen Cover to Make

We don’;t very own an afikomen cover—we usually just wrap a piece of matzah in a cloth napkin and call it a cover. But this 12 months I came up with a paper edition that is super easy to make and will make you appear like a hipster, even if you happen to be not!

Considering that it’;s produced from paper it expenses pennies and the very best element is you will not have to know how to sew.

You can download this graphic right here…

I will not have a color printer—I e-mailed mine to Staples and asked them to print the image in color on 8 one/2 x 11 paper.

While I was there selecting it up, I purchased a pack of white 9 x twelve envelopes…

Here is how:

one. Print the picture as big as feasible on white paper.
2. With a gold sharpie pen, I colored the Star of David to make it extra fancy.
3. The picture was reduce cautiously with an x-acto knife.
4. A glue stick helps make the back of the paper stick onto the white envelope.

What I want to know is: what is my prize for locating the afikomen?!

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