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AMASS Installation By Benjamin Hubert


Benjamin Hubert, 1 of the UK’s top industrial and furnishings designers, has developed a modular set up of 40,000 elements for the 100% Design Auditorium, during the London Layout Festival in September.

Doing work to a short to style a 200m2 auditorium that defines the space with out generating a visual barrier. The AMASS set up is inspired by the ‘controlled randomness’ discovered in nature and every single piece can be linked in a range of ways to generate various configurations.


Trade displays are reported to develop more than 600,000 tonnes of waste, a lot of which comes from a single-off exhibition styles. Approaching the design and style as procedure and materials driven, Hubert has developed an installation that can be disassembled and reassembled on different configurations and in various spaces.

AMASS will be brought to the marketplace after the show as a modular divider that can be scaled anyplace from 1m2 to 100m2.


Benjamin Hubert will be speaking in the auditorium he designed on the Wednesday throughout the show in the speak: Components Driven, Process Led, Industrial Design.

Locate out much more about the talks happening at 100% style right here

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