A single Room Two Approaches

Now that Passover is behind us I am scrambling to finish numerous tasks close to the property that still are not competed—Ariel (my daughter) and her loved ones will be moving to a new residence this summertime and I have a humorous feeling I will be super hectic up in Massachusetts decorating her new property this summer time! Here is my initial undertaking
Moussia and Zelda will be sharing a bedroom and I located these wonderful matching twin bed frames at a used furniture shop a while ago. Given that moving day is only a few months away I want to start off painting them. But ahead of I can paint we need to make a decision what the rest of the space will search like. Ariel and I are bouncing about many ideas…

Strategy A:

This a single is Ariel’;s first option. Paint the beds black (just like I painted Moussia’;s previous bed). We’;ll be using her present Marimekko duvet cover with their well-known Unikko pattern. Since this colour is no longer accessible, we’;ll open it up at the seams and adds a fun contrasting fabric on the other side to get 2 duvets out of one. I am giving them my Dash and Albert Monty rug, and Ariel needs to paint gold dots on the attribute wall. I like it a whole lot but I’;m anxious that the gold dots may be too active with the duvet covers.

Program B:

This one is my choice. Paint the walls a rich teal and the bed frames a high gloss white. Use the identical Monty rug and duvet covers and hold every thing else in the space extremely lightimage frames, other furniture and accessories would all be light colours to contrast the deep walls.

I will not think we can go as well incorrect with both layout. What are your ideas?

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