a hundred% Design celebrate the 20th present at Heal’s


Above: Max Fraser, Deputy Director at London Layout Festival welcomed the guests.

Component 2: Heals

What a active night at Heal’s. The Modern Craft Marketplace celebration teemed with design folk downstairs. 100% Design gathered upstairs to celebrate 20 years of the demonstrate. An eminent group of individuals who over the years played a significant element in the demonstrate joined Media 10, the display owners to mark the special event. William Knight, the Present Director alongside Max Fraser, the Deputy Director at London Style Festival reminisced and encouraged guests to share their memories of the ground breaking event. The initial exhibition is well and genuinely imprinted in my memory. Fresh from graduation I walked around the exhibition in awe of the function displayed. Many reiterated this sentiment on the evening.


Over: 100% Display Director William Knight

Above: One particular of the early members of the variety committee Naomi Cleaver shares her recollections calling 100% “the daddy of all style demonstrates.”

Undoubtedly, those who are old enough to have attended the 1st display will keep in mind its impact on the design and style scene at the time and its enduring relevance in design today.

100% Design 2014 opens 17-20 September at Earls Court London.

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