A Enjoyable and Festive Purim!

Purim was non-quit right here on Sunday. We had our daughter’;s family visiting for the weekend which manufactured the vacation even far more fun than it previously is! Here’;s a small peak.

1. My baskets had been wrapped and prepared to go the week prior to so I had 1 less issue to be concerned about.
2. & 3. Moussia and Yosef loved becoming my “delivery little ones” traveling from house to residence and delivering Shalach Manos.
4. Right here are some the lovely foods presents we acquired for Purim (ahead of we ripped them open!)
5. Zelda loved her minor Shalach Manos filled with candy and little toys.
6. Our local community Purim party was an Below the Sea theme…colours were blues and greens.
6. The youngsters loved a reside bubble display and inflatable bouncers.
8. Yosef’;s costume was laser boy and Moussia was a cowgirl!

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